Mountfield Park Project




This new park area is soon to handed to Hellesdon Parish Council.

I am working with the council to try to make this park into a mini wildlife park for the residents in this area.

I would be very keen to hear from any residents near this park, who use it now, or would like to use this park in the future, on their ideas for developing this park area.

Some of the suggestions so far:

Mini nature reserve on the Mountfield side, with grass area on the B&Q side.

Park benches and picnic tables.

Bug sanctuary, log piles, bee homes, nest boxes etc to be added.

Willow tunnels and natural play area.

Raised beds of wildflowers (planted by children) along the Mountfield Road entrance pathway.


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Park suggestions.
Do you have any ideas for how you would like the park to develop. What would you like to see in the park and how do you use the park.
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