2017 Project

Hallswood Hogspital

2017 brought us a whole new project – not only did we support several rescue centres we also worked with Hallswood Animal Sanctuary to build a dedicated Hedgehog Hospital.

With the rising number of hedgehogs needing care each year this became a ‘must’ before winter 2017.

We needed to raise at least £5000 before September 2017 to get this built and then get it fitted out before the winter.

We did it!!

We raised the money for the HOGSPITAL.

Thanks to everyone for their amazing effort. –

How did we do it?

Many events and sales.

Donations from Friends of Ghost Hill School

Coffee morning at Brooklands School, Gorleston on sea

Sponsored run by Mollie and Lisa

Sponsored Skydive by Rosie Castle

We also ran a Summer Raffle, which was drawn on 12th May 2017, which had some lovely prizes – this raised £474.!!!

Donations via our Gofundme page

Grant from Norwich Lions

Sponsored Walk by Steyning Primary School via Walk4Wildlife

Hogspital building commenced …..




Cages arrived too. 


So overrun with hoggies, they moved in quickly. 

Thank you everyone.