Hodmedod’s Hedgehog Support

Hodmedod’s Hedgehog Support is a non profit organisation to raise awareness of the plight of Norfolk hedgehogs and to raise funds for the rescuers and carers of Norfolk hedgehogs.

2016 saw the launch of this project with a Hedgehog Day at Fairhaven Water Gardens in October.

This was followed by a stall at the Christmas Market at Norfolk Snow Sports Club in November, then a stall at the Hallswood Christmas Fair and at Taverham Garden Centre in December.

We managed to raise enough funds to be able to supply some food and help to several rescue centres over this winter period.

Norfolk knitters have been busy knitting hedgehogs for us, which we’ve been re-homing – most of these ones have gone to their new homes now – but more on the way!

More arrived too.


On 23rd September 2017 we went international………

Quilly Fine Fettle

As the official Asia/Oceania “branch” of Hodmedod’s Hedgehog Support (https://www.facebook.com/HodmedodsHedgehogSupport/), we were created out of love for both the plush hedgehogs made by talented knitters and crocheters in Norfolk and hedgehogs in general.

Our purpose? To provide continued support for Hodmedod’s Hedgehog Support and their cause by expanding their reach and making their soft plush friends more conveniently available for purchase/adoption in Asia and the Oceania region (including Australia), with our headquarters conveniently located in Singapore.———————


2017 Project

Hallswood Hogspital

2017 brought us a whole new project – not only did we supporting several rescue centres we also worked with Hallswood Animal Sanctuary to build a dedicated Hedgehog Hospital.

With the rising number of hedgehogs needing care each year this became a ‘must’ before winter 2017.

We needed to raise at least £5000 before September 2017 to get this built and then get it fitted out before the winter.

We’ve did it!!

We raised the money for the HOGSPITAL.

Thanks to everyone for their amazing effort. –

How did we do it?

Many events and sales.

Donations from Friends of Ghost Hill School

Coffee morning at Brooklands School, Gorleston on sea

Sponsored run by Mollie and Lisa

Sponsored Skydive by Rosie Castle

We also ran a Summer Raffle, which was drawn on 12th May 2017, which had some lovely prizes – this raised £474.!!!

Donations via our Gofundme page

Grant from Norwich Lions

Sponsored Walk by Steyning Primary School via Walk4Wildlife

Hogspital building commenced …..

Cages arrived too. 

So overrun with hoggies, they moved in quickly. 

What we do!!

We’ve had a rescue centre close in Norfolk, so we purchased lots of equipment from them, to distribute to other rescues in Norfolk. We have managed to purchase all this equipment and distribute to several other rescues – at no cost to the rescues – thus enabling them to continue their work with the rescued hedgehogs.

I have been informed that the extra cages which went to Hedgehog Haven, North Norfolk, were cleaned and full of new patients within 2 days! They were certainly needed.


Autumn Juvenile Awareness Campaign 2017

Campaign launch

Hellesdon High School

9th September 2017

11am – 1pm


Hedgehog Awareness Autumn Campaign

School visits,

White Woman Lane – Thursday 28th September

Old Catton Junior School – Talk 10th October – Collection day 19th October

Hainford school – Wednesday 1st November

Ghost Hill school – Thursday 2nd November



Lots more school visits planned for March 2018 onwards.


We have also been trying to support Suzanne’s Hedgehog Rescue in Walpole St Peter, Norfolk.

Suzanne prints lovely hedgehog items for sale, so we have purchased some of her items to sell, to raise funds for her rescue .


Following their hedgehog awareness talk Old Catton Junior School had a food collection for us – for food for the hedgehog rescue centres – look at this amazing amount of food they collected.


Follow some of the travels of our friends on Facebook.

Some of the gifts we sell.

Please see our Facebook page for up to date information.

We are also selling Hedgehog Food, with all profits going to helping hedgehogs, a real bargain.

hog-food-1 hog-food-2 hog-food

130g pots only £1.50 normally £1.99

750g pouch only £4 normally £4.99



  • 80g bag – £1
  • 150g bag – £2
  • 500g bag – £5
  • 800g bag – £7


Hedgehog Lovers gift packs – hedgehog food, 2 feeding pots, hedgehog key ring, hedgehog hand painted plaque (all differ) and mealworms – all for £8.

aa aa1


See us on Facebook – Hodmedods Hedgehog Support and also see our sale page – raising funds for little prickles.

Hodmedods Hedgehog Support Charity Sale on Facebook.


We have also done some visits to groups, to raise awareness of the plight of hedgehogs.

In return for these visits we ask people to bring in some cat/dog/hedgehog food, which we then distribute to the rescuers and carers of Norfolk hedgehogs.

Some food from Taverham Beavers.


Some food from Ghost Hill School, Taverham.


Support given to:

  • Hallswood Animal Sanctuary
  • Wild Touch
  • Greensted Hedgehog Rescue
  • Les Monts Hedgehog Rescue
  • Suzannes Hedgehog Rescue
  • Hellesdon Hedgehog Rehab
  • Hedgehog Haven North Norfolk
  • Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue, Hemsby.

Hutches for Suzannes





 Food for Wild Touch

Also food given to and sold(at trade price) to hedgehog carers and fosterers.


Always wanted donations

Dog/cat/hedgehog food

Tombola prizes (however small)

Gifts and crafts

Any help, no matter what, running stalls or events, sponsorship  etc.

I’m sure if the hedgehogs could they would thank you for your kind help.

Thank you so much.